Perfect Reflection

When something bothers you from another person, look into it carefully because for sure it’s something you have/do.

Today, thanks to the aid of a friend, I realized I too am very cyclical… I go through phases of deep existentialism, analyzing my relationship with my partner, my job, my purpose, what the hell am I doing on this planet, why can’t people agree, why do we go into wars, why isn’t everybody recycling, what about the animals, why can’t everybody just adopt from a shelter or a rescue group and STOP BUYING FROM PET SHOPS BECAUSE IT ONLY PROPAGATES PUPPY MILLS!!!

Today I became aware of this. What was driving me crazy was myself. And today I remembered when I was 13 my brother gave me a t-shirt with a diagram of a black hole with many formulas. He said he gave it to me because I was too deep.

Today I learned something about myself. Today I learned I need to be more patient with others.



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