Smiling Heart

Today was a great day. I walked into the world filled with love and energy. I was able to face fear, and regain most of my confidence. Yet it ended with a bit of a sour note that has nothing to do with me, yet made me feel somewhat uncomfortable.

But I got home and was welcomed by my two barking children. They were able to put a smile on my heart. So, I’m actually carrying two smiles on it at this very moment. ❤

Animals have a way of easing our stresses. Of grounding us back. Of reminding us to live the moment, because in that space is where they live. I’m here now. Not worried about tomorrow. Not worried about the sour moment. But definitely ready to start tomorrow all over again. To be ready and try to live all the “moments”, each moment, present.

Pets are the best therapy, EVER.

While I blog, he makes me company.



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