Best Friends

My best friend and I started a series called #bffseries in which we take selfies on a daily basis and post them on Facebook and Instagram. The way it works is, every other day we take turns in initiating the photo, and the other must imitate it. So, one day he initiates, and I copy. The next day it’s the other way around.

We decided to do this for 365 days. Yesterday we posted day #300. Yay!

Yay, I say because sometimes it’s hard to be consistently creative. Yay, because some days I am just not in the mood to be creative and take a selfie. Yay, because sometimes he takes pictures with certain angles that are difficult to imitate and I want to kill him. Yay, it’s almost over.

The good news is we have not skipped a day. And when we started this, I had no clue we would stick to our commitment. Especially me. Long term projects freak me out. It’s the Gemini in me. But I’ve stuck to it because of him. Because of his enthusiasm for this project. And his good vibes. I think he’s also stuck to it, probably to continue listening to my bitching, but also because of the meaning of our friendship and how we are expressing it on a daily image.  And then I must add the man is a Virgo. Enough said.

But all bitching aside, it has been interesting for me because despite something so simple as taking a selfie, this process has made me explore several of my fears. Especially that fear of setting your phone in the middle of the street, surrounded by the world, cars passing, people looking at you, while you pretend you are just waiting for the bus. And of course, it’s rare when you nail the photo in just one shot. So, it’s shooting it several times until you kinda got it and are happy to post it. I cannot explain the stress of being out there.

My bff is the best, though. He takes up any challenge with good energy. Me, on the other hand, I’ve had my moments of “ugh” while, of course, rolling my eyes. Yet, it has kept us to be in more contact than we usually ever have, which is amazing because regardless of this series we’ve always been in contact almost on a daily basis. Sometimes we call each other three times a day and have nothing to say… Comfortable silence, it is called, but it takes a while before you can get there, and I’ve known this man since I was 10 years old.

I must say, I was never too amused with the selfie movement, and still not. But in general, the photos have been fun to do, and the making of some of them, the “behind the scenes”, have given us a lot of laughter. And perhaps that’s just the simple purpose of all this. It’s like my bff’s response to people who still ask “but… what are you doing? What’s the purpose? I don’t get it.” And he just answers that there’s nothing to get, we are doing it just to keep ourselves in daily contact despite living very far away – I’m on the southeast coast, and he’s on the northwest coast. And then he goes on to say something like “we are not trying to save the world from hunger” or make a reference to climate change. And that’s basically it. It’s not brain surgery, nor are we trying to stops wars (we do wish we could). But somehow, some people, not only have enjoyed our little modern-day correspondence because of what it represents, but have also been touched by some of the images, because at some point in these 300 days, these images have “talked” to them right when they needed it, and that puts a smile on our faces.

So, for now I will celebrate the next sixty five days that are left, and perhaps when the last day arrives I will feel nostalgic. Just perhaps.

Only time will tell.



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