An ordinary visit to the vet

After running errands this morning, I remembered I had to pick up Cato’s tag at the vet’s. Although their doors were opened, they had already closed. However, they went ahead and helped me. While I waited, and waited, I noticed in one of the patient rooms, which have curtains rather than doors, a couple waiting with their pet laying on the metal table.

I couldn’t tell if it was a dog or a cat. But I could tell the human mom was in distress, just staring at the wall, while the dad would caress his fur child and walk back in forth.

I felt it all. The sadness. The pain. The desperation. The heartbreak. The imminent goodbye. All too familiar to me. All to close to my heart.

For the time I was there I was in their shoes. I could feel everything. I wanted to go in and hug them and cry with them. I wanted to heal their baby. If only I had the power of saving it. And saving them from the pain of the loss.

I was starting to get very emotional, and then somebody put on this song Names & Races and I just kinda lost it. It felt like I was watching a movie, and the producers threw in that sad song to make the audience more emotional. The vet technicians would come out to the reception to do something and see me wiping my tears, and go right back in. It was sad. I was sad.

Then the human mom carried they baby and walked around the room. The baby was wrapped in a beautiful blanket. She kiss it. She caress it. It was all too familiar.

At one point I was wiping my tears with tissues they had in the reception area, rather than with my sleeves, and one of the technicians asked me if I was ok. I signaled that I was just taken by what was going on in that tiny room. She said she was too.

I have no idea who they were, but I can only hope they can find comfort in each other, and understand that time will help them heal their wounds. Not erase them, but heal.

The song will always remember me of the little four legged soul that went to heaven today.

P.S.: The song is so beautiful I had to “Shazam” it. Oh, and if you want to check out the lyrics… Click here




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